Cash in on casino bonuses

You may have been avoiding playing on real money gaming sites because you thought you had to pay to play them. But when you play games at casino sites such as Unibet, you can play for free. Many of the games are available to play in fun mode, so you can spin the roulette wheel as often as you like, or be dealt a hand of blackjack whenever you feel like it – without having to play with your own money. It’s great because you have the fun of the games without any financial risk, but one thing you can’t do when playing with fun money is win real money!

Good news then, that the majority of casino sites have great welcome bonuses for new players to take advantage of when they first sign up. The amount of free credit that you can get depends on which site you join. At Unibet, you can get up to £200 as a welcome bonus and if you play on a mobile using the iPhone betting app, you can also get an exclusive mobile bonus of an extra 10 free spins for Starburst mobile slots. As long as you play minimum bets you can get plenty of value entertainment out of the free credit and you may even end up increasing your bankroll if luck is on your side.

Some people think it’s a good idea to get casino bonuses from many different sites, and while there’s nothing to stop you doing this, it’s not always the best plan to run a number of casino accounts. It makes it difficult to keep track of what you’re spending and whether you’re making an overall profit or not. It’s better to check out the casino offerings on a number of different sites, decide which one you like the look of best and take the bonus there.

By playing consistently at one site you’ll earn loyalty points which you can cash in for free spins or extra bonuses at a later point, and you’ll have plenty of variety in terms of gaming. Most casino sites now have a range of poker and other table games, as well as slots, and other games like keno and bingo, so there’s no chance of getting bored with the choice on one site. And if you pick a site like Unibet that also has a sports book, all your betting requirements can be met with just one site and one account.

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