Parlay Entertainment

Gaming operator with a strong brand presence in Europe, Latin America and Scandinavia. Today, companies such as Yahoo! Virgin, Paddy Power and Unibet using Parlay Entertainment software. One of its great attractions is that it is available in different languages ​​and different currencies. Parlay 4 bingo platform is the most durable in the world. The operator can either as a stand-alone bingo site or for a network bingo. Many functions have been packed into it, such as:

Ample space for Chat

Facility to display in-game advertising

Slots can be adjusted.

You can choose either 75-row, 90-point or 5-piece Swedish Games

You can choose to buy or play bingo cards in six different ways

75-Number Bingo is a popular game in North America. This is available in 300 patterns. It can be configured in different languages ​​and currencies.

90-Number Bingo is usually played in the UK and Europe.

Parlay Bingo, the Swedish version, includes a five-part series of 75-game. Apart from a variety of currencies, it is in Norwegian kroner and Swedish kronor.

Slot machines are available:

? Video slots with bonus features

? Reel slots and

? Classic Slots

Video Poker is another great attraction. As in all other games, the casino atmosphere it is very nice and has progressive jackpots.

Table games such as Blackjack, Roulette – American and European and Craps are also available.

There are also some unique games that can only be found online. Usually they are variations of roulette with excellent graphics and sound. Some of these are

Double Barrel

Golden Clover and

Lucky Star

The credibility of Parlay Entertainment gaming system on the basis of Technical Systems Testing (TST) from British Columbia, Canada, which was concluded on the basis of mathematical and statistical analysis that the Random Number Generator Parlay distributes numbers with no bias.

Some of the results of the Summit and E-Bingo Gaming Awards were eye openers for Parlay Entertainment. It was found that the four major markets of the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Sweden. The main reason for the popularity of online bingo is on Internet penetration. It is expected that 2012 would be on-line bingo touch $ 1.16billion.

Bingo operators use Facebook and YouTube extensively. It is used about 27 gambling sites, which bingo. In fact, there are about 100 bingo rooms. Parlay Entertainment bingo software to be used

Yahoo Bingo

MSN Bingo

AOL Bingo

Bingo Mania

Bingo Palace

Virgin Bingo

Parlay Entertainment also offers advice for both operations and marketing / promotions. When it comes to operations, the company provides expert advice in areas as diverse as bonus configurations or chat to promote the right of management and website design to player retention programs. In the 22nd January 2008 at the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) Parlay Entertainment Parlay would release 5, the latest version of bingo software.

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