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Gauselmann withdraws Lord Shiva Slot

Gauselmann withdraws Lord Shiva Slot
Gauselmann withdraws Lord Shiva Slot In December 2014 the Gauselmann Group came under heavy fire from religious leaders of all denominations after the release of their Shiva Slot, which depicted images of the Hindu deity and various religious paraphernalia. Complaints were headed by Rajan Zed of the Universal Society of Hinduism who claimed that the Shiva online slot was insensitive to Hindu followers and demanded that the slot be withdrawn. Interestingly, Christian, Buddhist and Jewish religious leaders agreed and added their voices to the dissent surrounding the slot release. Towards the end of the month, the Gauselmann Group withdrew the slot from the market and issued an apology stating that they understood the confusion and irritation that the slot had caused and as such had withdrawn it from their slots portfolio. They added that it had never been the intention to trivialise or insult the religious beliefs of Hindus and committed to be even more diligent to the design and designation of their games in future. Accepting the apology on behalf of the Hindu community, Zed thanked the Gauselmann Group for being sympathetic to the concerns of the worldwide Hindu community, but advised that global corporations do more to educate their senior executives in religious and cultural sensitivity. While this seems to be a win for religious leaders across the globe, the question that has been raised is whether or not this will it set a precedent for online casino software providers to steer clear of everything to do with gods and religion? If so it would seem that player favourites like Thunderstruck and Zeus would have to be withdrawn out of respect for those worshiping the ancient Greek gods. It’s quite an interesting subject and one that is sure to be the topic of much debate.

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